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Gentle reader/listener!

A cornucopia of audio treats awaits your earholes. Unless you have Synesthesia, in which case your eyeholes are in for a largely mauve treat!

We’ve been doing a podcast every day to help promote our Indiegogo! Having raised enough to upgrade our podcast equipment, we’re attempting to expand into vodcasting. Ben has written all about it here. You can donate here for less than the price of a cup of civet coffee.

Download/Stream Episode 111, which is all about PIZZA SHAPES.

Download/Stream Episode 112, which is all about DICK JOKES.

Download/Stream Episode 113, which is all about THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN.

Download/Stream Episode 114, which is all about LIONS & ANTELOPES.

Download/Stream Episode 115, which is all about LABOR & THE GREENS NOT GETTING ON.

Or just subscribe on iTunes!


Written by Your Friends

July 27, 2012 at 09:09:21

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