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Washed Up Or Not? A Point/Counterpoint.

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Is washed up TV personality Lyndsey Rodrigues truly washed up?

Totes, according to the Daily Tele:

TRAGIC former TV personality Lyndsey Rodrigues has again hit the keyboard late at night, this time taking to Twitter to denounce the ARIAs as an “epic fail” and MTV hunk Darren McMullen a “douche”.

The Wednesday night whinge, which occurred about 11.30pm, follows a similar stream of posts earlier this year where she announced things like: “Might just take a Valium and sleep through another f … ed up year.”

This week, she posted, “McMullen makes me ill. Just saw his ‘perform-ance’ with Carmen Electra at the ARIAS. DOUCHE!”

– Lyndsey doesn’t hold back in ARIAs tweet, Daily Telegraph, 12/11/10

Totes not, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

LYNDSEY Rodrigues has hit back at claims that she is a “tragic former TV personality” after posting a late-night tweet about how bad the ARIAs were, which is not news to anyone.

“I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been,” Rodrigues tells S. “I’ve got a new boyfriend and a three year contract with BigPond. I was shocked. It was so unnecessary and bitchy when I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked before.”

And she stands by the tweet. “Darren McMullen and Carmen [Electra] were mortifying!”

– Not washed up, The Sun-Herald, 14/11/10

So is she washed up?

We’re not sure, though we question the wisdom of getting such a long contract with Bigpond. What if you move house?


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November 15, 2010 at 07:07:07

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