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What a bloody outrage.

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You know how sometimes you neglect a blog for a couple of days, and then a couple of days more, and then a couple of days more, and then it’s like, how can I update the blog now? How can I go back there and say, ‘sorry about the old neglect, it’s all fine, right? We can just go back to how it was, right? Right? RIGHT?’

In this case it was okay, because the last post was about songs about kebabs, which is a timeless topic, and one that people would want to return to again and again, but imagine if it had been something awful. Imagine if it had been something RACIST! That would have been VERY awkward when we were applying for grants from Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Anyway, there’s been a bit going on.

First of all, we have done two podcasts since we last talked about podcasts.

Episode 26 is a good one. Like hit television show Chicago Hope, it is jam-packed with MEDICAL DRAMA. For example, Ben had a sore toe, and Cam maybe had cancer. Or did he???

You can download it here.

Then again, maybe Episode 27 is more your speed? Like hit television show The Practice, it is full of MORAL DILEMMAS. For example, when the Race War comes and your uniform is the colour of your skin, is wearing Blackface still racist? Hey? HEY? Have a think about that.

We don’t actually talk about that at all, but it would have been good if we did. You do find out whether Cam had cancer after all though.

Get it here.

As per usual, you should wrap your RSS reader around our feed (so to speak) or chuck a bit of this sauce onto a tasty iTunes schnitzel roll.

There you have it. If you enjoyed the references to the work of David E. Kelley above, you may also enjoy the Twitter feed of David E. Kelley. Have at it and good luck.


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June 5, 2010 at 01:01:01

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