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The Homemade Kebab Revue Review

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For some reason, there are many songs about kebabs on the popular video-sharing website Youtube.

Actually, that reason is pretty obvious. Kebabs are a foodstuff often consumed following the consumption of alcohol.

So, as investigative journalistas, let us take a closer look at the greasy underground of The Homemade Kebab Song:

From Liam, John and Neil comes this effort:

From when I saw the title, “A song, upon the subject of kebabs”, I knew I was in for a meaty treat. I was not disappointed. The most lyrically complex kebab song on offer, these boys sing with the voices of angels. Try to hold back a garlicky tear when they reach the rising crescendo of “Lettuce, Tomato, D-Grade Meat”.

Uberklunt could not have been more wrong when he wrote, ” haha! pitta-ful!” 5 Stars.

Bazzaholtom provides us with this little gem:

A confused song, Mr. Holtom begins by describing unlikely medical maladies derived from eating a bad kebab (diarrhea, yes, but are we to believe that food poisoning would cause his penis to shrink?) before telling of how he would sell rats and cats found on the street to his local kebab shop in exchange for free kebabs. Nevertheless, he would still have a kebab every day if he had his way. All over the place, in the way that a good kebab should not be. 3 stars.

LiptonOwnz brings the noize:

I have no idea what is going on here, but it is mercifully brief. There appears to be an actual kebab being consumed to the left of the action. For that, and the Youtube username, 2 stars.

gitarfreak1 drops it like it is a hot kebab:

A classic of the genre. Gitarfreak1 is not even sober enough to keep the end of his song attached. 0 stars.

And to finish, GazlazML5:

A surprisingly well-produced musical number, though what else would you expect from the unofficial anthem of the Aberdeen Argyle Accordion Band? Again, the subject of intestinal distress is raised, but what else should the AAAB expect from what appear to be home-delivered kebabs (an outrageous concept)? 4 stars.


Written by Your Friends

May 10, 2010 at 06:06:18

Posted in Destroy All Art

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