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Making All Of Your Dreams Come True

Ben and Cam IN The Downfall of Western Civilisation STARRING Faisal Shazad as Lisa McCune as Ros Marshall and Abdul Nacer Benbrika as Verity Marshall as Alison Whyte as Herself

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And also…


And also…

A new podcast!

Download via iTunes.

Download via RSS.

Download via just downloading the file.

Listen to it on a tram or a train or on a bike or a walk or a hike or a stalk. You can listen to it ANYWHERE and if you do, you may well…

THRILL as Ben and Cam idly ponder the inherent sexism of a number of television sitcoms.
GASP as Ben and Cam discuss tween-novel prequels and how they are maybe not a great idea.
INHALE as Ben and Cam slag off Andrew Bolt, only to take a break and find that all the while they have been slagging off Andrew Bolt in conversation, he has in fact been slagging Ben off in his newspaper column.

Hang on to your cheeseplatters, kids! This shit is about to get crazy!


Written by Your Friends

May 7, 2010 at 10:10:10

Posted in Fireside Chats

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