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Responding To Letters In The Herald Sun With…by Ben

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Welcome to this week’s edition of “Responding To All The Letters In The Herald Sun With…”

And this week, we will be responding to all the letters in the Herald Sun with…Nazi references!

Take it away…

Surely students have a say

I have watched the debate over the My School website rage for a few days now and I have witnessed the usual group of politicians, teachers, union reps and journalists express their opinions on the matter, but I wait with bated breath for someone to ask when the students will be asked their opinion of the site.
What impact will it have on your children in this day and age of promoting self-esteem and the importance of the individual? I’d love to know what they think.
Doris Colbert, Wedderburn

– Yeah, Doris, know who else liked to ask the children what they thought? Hitler.

Essentials add to cost burden

The high cost of “essential education items” being put on parents at Mt Martha Primary School is unfortunately no surprise to Victorian community sector organisations (“Our school shame”, January 28).
Research by the Brotherhood of St Laurence reveals that many chiildren are only able to continue to go to school because community organisations are picking up education costs that families cannot pay.
Education must be free so that all childen can participate equally.
Every student who drops out or cannot fully participate compromises the nation’s future productivity.
Essential costs continue to be shifted from the state to families and then on to community organisations when families cannot pay.
Cath Smith, CEO, Victorian Council of Social Service

– Oh, so the purpose of youth is to contribute to the nation’s future productivity, is it Cath? I remember a certain Reich that thought that way.


The Australian of the Year is clearly Kevin Andrews. It was he who challenged Turnbull for the leadership and this led to the Liberals voting against the emissions trading scheme, which would have destroyed our economy.
Cotter Gray, Bendigo

– Know what’s German for “I love Kevin Andrews”, Cotter? “Arbeit Macht Frei”. THINK ABOUT IT, NAZI-LOVER.

Positive action needed

Consider those famous, oft-repeated words of Premier Brumby: “It is unacceptable”.
This phrase appears from time to time when there is an occurence that is unfavourable to his Government. It is meant to kill the story. The words are meaningless unless followed by some positive action to resolve the issue at hand. In the past three years this has not happened.
Hopefully, in November, the true meaning will become clear to Mr Brumby.
John Lord, Croydon

– Oh, you want positive action do you, John? The way the Germans took positive action to eradicate the Jews?


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February 1, 2010 at 11:11:23

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