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Terry McCrann is a bit concerned about the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

THAT was a day that will live in infamy and insanity and inanity.

We had a prime minister who declared economic war on his own country. And an opposition leader who spent the rest of the day trying desperately to make it unanimous. Finally, succeeding. Or, perhaps not.

As I wrote yesterday this is one case where the devil is not in the detail.

So making the detail of the Emissions Trading Scheme seemingly ‘better’ is without the slightest merit. And indeed is worse even in its own distorted terms.

Blah blah blah blah…

Because all that so-called assistance doesn’t alter the basic reality of the ETS and the government’s overall Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

What’s in a name? Digressing, one really wonders how Kevin Rudd and his co-destroyer Penny Wong can literally live with themselves, as they spread the same ‘pollution’ every breath of their lives.

Yes, Terry, the true crime is that they breathe… We shall do your bidding, Terry. Give us the word, Terry.

Coming from the leader of a country whose entire economy is built on carbon-based energy and the export of carbon-based products, it is criminally – there really are no other words for it – insane.

That’s right, Terry. It’s the Prime Minister who has gone insane.

In the context of my opening reference, it is as if Rudd himself had launched the planes on our Pearl Harbor, our economy.

Wait a second… wasn’t the Bombing of Darwin our Pearl Harbour? Which would make Pearl Harbour the American CPRS. But how did the Japs even know about greenhouse emissions?


Written by Your Friends

November 25, 2009 at 10:10:10

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