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Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere! But not a drop to drink. By Ben and Cam.

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Last night I went to the cinema to see the film The Box, starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. When the credits rolled, I turned to Bianca Jagger and said, “That was an unlikely series of events” and she turned back to me and said, “That’s the magic of the movies, baby!”

Then we went to a Hollywood coke party and I woke up covered in Manuka honey and chicken feathers.

That’s the magic of the movies, baby!

For a more likely series of events, perhaps you might like to try some delicious podcast?

There are multiple ways to do this.

You could download the file direct..

You could subscribe to the RSS feed with some sort of RSS thing.

You could subscribe with iTunes.

Personally, I use the iTunes one. It is very convenient, but maybe less so if you don’t have iTunes on your computer.

Anyway, I highly recommend this one. It is about Schoolies Week and Conjoined Twins and Bitter Writers and Herpes and Radio National’s Phillip Adams attacking homeless men and dumping their bodies in the river.

That’s the magic of the movies, baby!


Written by Your Friends

November 23, 2009 at 10:10:10

Posted in Fireside Chats

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