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Aural Orgasms Transcribed From The Original Wax Cylinders And Digitally Re-recorded By The Original Cast Of The Railway Children

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Which is a polite way of saying there is yet another podcast available in Cam and Ben’s ongoing series of dissections of what went wrong with Western civilisation, starting with William the Conqueror and scheduled to conclude with the firebombing of Taylor Swift in 2015.

What are we trying to do with this podcast? Well, educate, inform, enrage, shock, thrill, and inspire to revolutionary acts that will see streets run red and tyrants toppled before the fifteen minute mark. Following which there will be a short musical interlude and Ben will do his barnyard impressions.

So quick! Get it on iTunes! Get it through RSS! Or just get it direct!

But DO get it, because more than anything, we are simply trying to improve the world in general via the dissemination of our dual wisdom to as wide a slice of the community as possible.


Written by Your Friends

November 5, 2009 at 07:07:07

Posted in Fireside Chats

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