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Thoughts on Sneaky Muslims by Cam

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Watch out, sneaky Muslims!

Zanetti has YOUR number.


Look how sly Papa Muslim is in this photograph by Zanetti – eyes all atwixt.

And yet… behind his devilish sideways glance is there not a hint of sadness? Sadness that the Rudd Government has made it just a little too easy to rort the system by installing Centrelink offices at the airport?

And what do the wife’s eyes represent? Is it lazy because they are lazy Immigrants? Or is that a glass eye – opaque, like their intentions in infiltrating Australian society?

Also, the son has no arms. Read between the lines.

Thankyou, Zanetti, for not being afraid to ask the tough questions.


Written by Your Friends

October 26, 2009 at 09:09:09

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