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Thoughts on The Racism of Yesteryear by Ben and Cam

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Besides accidental racism (when you beat up a Sikh because you think he’s a Muslim) and reverse racism (when you back your car over an Aborigine), the best kind of racism has got to be Classic Racism.

Today’s racism tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth – it’s all odd-smelling bespectacled men squeaking about the yellow peril and braindead bogans with Southern Cross tatts walking into walls and blaming it on dodgy Lebanese builders.

The racism of yesteryear, however, had an elegance about it, a certain easy charm and irresistible elan that you couldn’t help but warm to. Classic racism is the racism that sweeps you off your feet and out onto the dance floor for a jazzy tango, the racism that asks you into the study for a snifter, the racism that struts gracefully down the street in top hat and tails, stopping only to kick a black or rape an Asian, all done with finesse and style.

We suspected only yesterday that Classic Racism might be making a comeback. John Singleton has all but confirmed it:

Singleton was discussing the demise of Australian tennis on sports station SEN when he remarked: “When we do pick out the good players we send them all to these dago camps and yankee camps and they are never heard of again”.

Hosts Tim Watson and Andy Maher quickly apologised to listeners, describing the comments as out of line and a throw back to the 1940s.

John Singleton sparks new race row with radio slur, Courier Mail, 14/10/09

Isn’t it interesting that the media instantly jumps on the racism angle, yet seem somewhat reluctant to investigate Singleton’s allegations that Nick Bollettieri is running Bates Motel/Hotel California style murder camps.

Cover-up, anyone?


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October 15, 2009 at 08:08:08

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