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A Fireside Chat about Television and Murder with Ben and Cam

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Oh my tail and whiskers! Could it be? A second fireside chat for the elite, c/o Your Friends In Punk Rock, Benjamin Dodgy and Cam Stiff?

Yes, we have been busy touring in Europe, and quite an ordeal it has been too. The Belgians have taken a particular liking to a new game called “Harass an Innocent Band just Touring across Europe and Trying to Make a Living without getting in anyone’s way.” The rules are quite outrageous.

For some reason, our manager Steve Moneghetti arranged for us to play 28 consecutive dates alternating between Brussels and Sint-Niklaas every three days, except if the third day was a Thursday, in which case we would wait another 2 days before swapping venue.

It seems like an inefficient way to tour a 13 piece ska/grindcore Gorechestra, but I recognise that my fellow bandmates voted to bar me from arranging the tour, and I respect the authority of the court in which that decision was made. The Supreme Court of Victoria.

At any rate, I will be glad to be clear of Belgium. Next stop, New Zealand.

Yours In Punk Rock,

C. Stiff.


Wait… sorry… that is the podcast synopsis for an alternate universe where Ben and I formed a band called A Swirling Army Of Acid Fascists.

In this universe, we just recorded some thoughts on Television, Telephone Poles, Murder, and Sexy Makeouts.

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Written by Your Friends

October 11, 2009 at 11:11:11

Posted in Fireside Chats

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