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Thoughts on Figurative vs. Literal Wake Up Calls by Cam

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It is a fact that all-night trucking keeps this country running. If you are a night time truck driver, I salute you.

Unless you are reading this WHILE you are driving your rig. If that is the case, I denounce you.

No. I cannot denounce you. You are too important to the economy. But please… pull over to browse the blogosphere.


Anyway, a truck driver in Ballarat has been up to monkeyshines.

A TRUCK driver busted for possessing drugs during a major police operation has avoided a conviction.
Colin William Sneddon was initially charged with trafficking, possessing and using amphetamines after the raid on March 13 last year, however police yesterday withdrew the trafficking charge.

The 41-year-old interstate truck driver pleaded guilty in Ballarat Magistrates Court to possessing and using amphetamines.

Magistrate Peter Couzens found that it was more probable Sneddon used the drugs for personal use rather than for trafficking.

The court was told that as part of Operation Remex, police found about six grams of white powder worth about $600, two sets of scales, a cutting agent, straws and plastic bags at Sneddon’s home.

Ballarat Courier, 7/10/09

Leaving aside the fact that the real story here would appear to be our police wasting their time harrassing noble truck drivers – Australia’s lifeblood – while real criminals wander the streets knocking over little old ladies… I cannot and will not and do not truck (ahahaha) with the headline that this story has been given.

Tired drug-taking truckie gets real-life wake-up call

Because he has not been given a real-life wake-up call. He has been given a figurative wake-up call. If anything, he is going to find it more difficult to wake up in real life because now he doesn’t have a helpful powdery pick-me-up to get his day on a roll.

This is probably the worst sub-editing crime since a pistol-wielding Bruce Guthrie forced his subs to sacrifice a baby over the secondary Westgate Park press.

(‘rig’ is ‘trucker talk’ for a truck)


Written by Your Friends

October 7, 2009 at 09:09:09

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