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Further Thoughts on Arctic Circle by Cam

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It had been suggested in some circles that climate change alarmist comic strip Arctic Circle was about to take a disturbing turn and tackle the hot-button issue of bestiality.

Many scoffed. Scoff no more. It has begun:

Arctic Circle, 7/10/09

Arctic Circle, 7/10/09

In no particular order:

1. Are we expected to believe that a relatively stupid penguin (after all, it has fallen hook, line and sinker for the “global warming” hoax) has outwitted this woman’s rather intelligent and crafty daughter?

2. Who asks, “Is your lipstick organic?” on a date???

3. Who then tells their date that their lipstick probably contains neuro-toxins?

4. Who would respond to that statement by kissing the person who said it and then immediately leaving?

Unless she was trying to kill him. Which would make a lot of sense.

Oh yeah, and just lastly… BESTIALITY!!


Written by Your Friends

October 7, 2009 at 08:08:08

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