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Apparently the water in Bororen, QLD, is not up to scratch, no sir.

BOROREN residents have been drinking, bathing and washing in filth.

Resident of 30 years Carmel King said she wasn’t aware the water was undrinkable until noticing “raw water” charged on her rates bill last year.

“I knew it wasn’t the best quality water, but I was certainly never made aware of the health risks,” she said.

Selena Buckley told The Observer she would have considered building elsewhere if the situation was made clear.

“We’ve lived (in Bororen) for 10 years and built here five years ago,” Mrs Buckley said.

“If we were told (by former Miriam Vale Shire Council) when we built, we would have at least made sure we had a lot bigger tanks built.

“We were even made to build our plumbing so it was suitable for a potable service.”

Lurline Atfield said at times the water quality was so bad drinking it would be “akin to picking up nuts and bolts off the ground and having a feed”.

“If you pour a glass of water and let it settle, there are rocks left on the bottom,” she said.

“And often when you turn on the tap, it just stinks.”

‘It Just Stinks’, Gladstone Observer, 6/10/09

What an absolutely ‘orrible state of affairs! What an absolute disgrace.

One resident told The Observer her grandson referred to baths as “coca-cola baths” while others said they had to wash their clothes twice after they would come out dirtier than before they were washed.

It really makes you think.


Written by Your Friends

October 6, 2009 at 09:09:09

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  1. What it makes you think about is this:

    If your clothes are dirtier after being washed than before, what good will washing them again do?

    Your Friends

    October 7, 2009 at 10:10:10

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