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Andrew Myers started working at Coles as a trolley collector, and hasn’t he just climbed the old ladder:

As a one of eight general zone managers with more than 15,000 people in 114 stores reporting to him, Myers says a key element is a focus on people development.

“You learn to be commercial, a people person internally, when working with a team, and externally to be customer-centric, knowing what they want and how to respond to their desires,” he says. I work to increase competency and quality through handling recruitment and developing a robust succession plan.” And practical supermarket retail skills are useful anywhere.

“The core skills you develop can be transferred to any job description or industry,” he says.

– CareerOne: So Much In Store, Herald Sun, 26/9/09

Can they, Andrew? Can they?

How do you think they’d translate to a warzone, son? That tropical rain, that rain that never stops, it pounds down on your helmet and the noise might send you out of your mind if Charlie doesn’t blow it out for ya .. Didn’t sign up for this shit.. haven’t eaten in a fucken week and you’re kneeling in your best mate’s guts – the old man certainly didn’t mention this.

You stand up to stock a shelf with Special K and a VC sniper round hits you between the eyes.

It’s all over.


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September 26, 2009 at 09:09:09

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