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Thoughts on Thoughts About The Future by Cam

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Today I had a thought, and the thought that I had was that we are truly living in the future.

Imagine, I thought, that if I wanted to see a man eating a peach, that amazing sight was only a few button pushes away.

If we’re not living in the future, where are we living?

The past? The PRESENT?

What if The Coming Insurrection was right???

What if the only way we can truly appreciate a man eating a peach is if we pick that peach from a peach tree that has grown tall and proud out of the ashes of the failed capitalist system?

It’s just not the same. If everyone could please take to the streets immediately, it would be much appreciated.


Written by Your Friends

September 25, 2009 at 01:01:13

Posted in Destroy All Art

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