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Thoughts on Faraway Trees by Cam

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Australian Associated Press – the news agency that won’t cop out, even when danger is all about – reports that not everyone was a huge fan of Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu’s plan to ban violent offenders from entering licensed premises. Acting Premier Rob Hulls, for example, got quite literary:

“I remember reading the Enid Blyton novel, you know, The Faraway Tree. You’d get to the top of the tree and you just didn’t know what was going to be up there,” he told reporters.

“Well that’s what Baillieu-land is all about – half-baked policies that don’t make any sense.”

Senior Vic cop rejects thug ban idea, AAP, 23/9/09

There are many valid comparisons that can be made between Victorian politics and the Land of the Faraway Tree.

One could say that the Government acts in a manner akin to the Angry Pixie when it comes to transparency.

One could say that Lynne Kosky slept like Mr. Whatzisname as the Myki bills started to add up.

One could even say that Nationals Leader Peter Ryan is similar to the Saucepan Man, in the sense that he is literally covered in saucepans.

One cannot say, however, that there was ever a possibility that when Bessie and Fanny and Jo made their way to the top of the tree that they might find themselves in a world of poorly-costed public order policy, because they would visit their friend Moonface to enjoy Mooncakes and have a chat and they would say, “Oh friendly old Moonface, what is at the top of the tree today?” and he would say, “Today it is Baillieu-land” and the children would say, “Well, perhaps we shall give that a miss.”


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September 24, 2009 at 08:08:08

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